End of Placement

Hej all 🙂

Cannot believe that the month of October and our preschool placement has already been and gone, so much to update you all on!


A beautiful autumn day at Filius and Filia preschool


We’ve been having a very different kind of homemade ‘Fika’ this past month involving lots of mud pie…

Since our last post we have planned out and taught our very own project to the children. We decided that it would be best to relate our project to three aspects; the Swedish preschool curriculum, the ideas and theories of Vygotsky along with the preschools current theme characterising the daily activities. The planning of each theme is based around a child-centred methodology, starting with the particular interests and needs of the specific group of children. The current theme began as the children took an interest in fire engines which then developed further into a theme of fire.


Together children and staff created their own fire engine for their play area

Each child learns through the theme at their own level participating in numerous activities involving technology, maths, science, languages and creative skills.

As the preschool has an intercultural approach to learning, we decided to bring our own culture into our teaching and began with telling the story of Guy Fawkes. We then presented the children with a letter addressed to the preschool from the houses of parliament. The letter brought the children into the story making the project more relevant for the children and thus more meaningful. They were presented with the challenge of creating a wall display of celebrations, just like the celebration at the end of the story.


Next, we did an arts and crafts activity where the children created their own bonfires. This included identification of colours, shape, knowledge of properties of fire through the use of different techniques and materials. Some older children were able to develop this further and discuss how bonfires are built and why. The children then transferred this knowledge during their free play outside and began to ‘build’ a bonfire with twigs and sticks.


Our next task was creating fireworks. We used a visual stimulus to engage the children and to help them identify the different types of fireworks there are. We also took this opportunity to link back to the children’s own experience when they might have seen fireworks i.e times of celebration, to again make it relevant and meaningful for them and again bring in another aspect of culture.


This task was differentiated with the use of several materials to suit all levels of development and needs of the children, ensuring that each child would be sufficiently challenged with the task.


We also brought in ceilidh dancing as another part of celebration within our culture. Through this, the children were learning directions in English as we were modeling the steps of moving forwards, backwards and to the side. While teaching the children about rhythm and movement.


What better way to end learning about celebrations than with a traditional ceilidh dance!


The beautiful wall display of celebration created by the children at Filius and Filia preschool

We had an incredible experience and would like to thank all of the staff and children at Filius and Filia for giving us such a warm welcome! We are sad to be leaving and have already planned a trip back to get involved in the preschools international afternoon.


Kind present of some traditional Swedish Princess cake to celebrate our last day of placement!

Hej då!


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