Finishing our First Swedish Class

Last week we finished the English Children’s and Youth Culture class – I can’t believe how quickly 5 weeks have passed!

Over the course we had some great opportunities to explore a range of different texts. These included some picture books, classic children’s stories to modern teenage fiction. Through doing this we were able to pick apart different aspects of the texts and consider different ways we could using them in the classroom. My particular favourite was Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne which uses a range of font, pictures and language to share the viewpoints of four different characters trip to the park. Although it is a simple story, there is lots to explore with a class and this is something I believed would be interesting to use in the Scottish classroom.

As part of the course we were also asked to give a group presentation, providing an analysis of a text to the rest of the seminar group. It was interesting to look at the Swedish curriculum and see where English texts fit in to the classroom. There is also a strong focus on culture and intercultural understanding within the curriculum and it is believed that English texts are essential in developing this. It was good to talk with the Swedish students and hear about their experiences of the Swedish curriculum and teaching English. They had lots of new ideas for activities to investigate books which may not be in the children’s first language.

We loved our first experience of Swedish uni and exploring some new texts. It’s also been great getting to know the other students on the course and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch!


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