Tyresta National Park

On Saturday 13th Sept 4 of the 5 Scottish Lassies and around 40 other exchange students grabbed some sturdy shoes, packed a lunch and set off to hike round a beautiful Swedish National Park. (unfortunately we were minus Madi as sickness left the poor soul bedridden)

The first challenge of the day was arranging for a bunch of hungover exchange students to meet at the train station at 8.55am on a Saturday morning and discovering that all coffee shops were still closed. Consequently, the day began with quite a few grumpy looking faces. After a long journey and a coffee stop along the way we finally arrived at the beautiful Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve.


The Whole Squad

Situated just outside the centre of Stockholm, Tyresta National Park is one of the most unspoilt areas of natural beauty in central Sweden.


Very similar to Scottish Lochs!


Mid-hike action shot!

We set off on our 20km hike around the park and discovered that not only does Tyresta offer some breath-taking scenery, the park also has a long and very interesting history. 15 years ago there was a great fire which lasted for over one and a half weeks. It is still evident today where the fire of 1999 burnt 4.5 square kilometres of the forest (which is 10% of the national park).


Only in Sweden would the park rangers greet you in the middle of a hike with free fika; coffee and kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) – BLISS.


Stopped to pick some tasty wild blueberries, yum!


Wild mushrooms everywhere!


Not a bad view while eating our lunch!


Only 6.5km left! Some of us decided to run from here on out, oh what some Scot’s would do for a well deserved pint!

Absolutely fantastic day exploring the Swedish outdoors with some new friends, looking forward to our next adventure already!


The Scottish Lassies


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