Cuban parties and castle adventures!


Here’s another update from Sweden on what we’ve been getting up to!  After our first set of classes we brought the week to an end by celebrating with our fellow exchange students Cuban style on the 5th of September!  The Intcom committee (Student union) organised a fun filed Friday night with pinatas and candy floss.  We looked out our most Summery looking clothes and tried to keep up with the Cuban dancing!


Just like being at home we still help each other get ready!

The following day we went on an organised trip to Drottningholm Palace, which is the King and Queen of Sweden’s permanent home.  Sadly we did not meet the King, however we did get a tour around the grounds, learning about some of Sweden’s history.

sweden 2

Exchange students in front of the palace

Walking around the gardens was lovely, with the weather being so warm we even managed to get a slight tan!  After the party on Friday and early start on Saturday we definitely were glad to stop for lunch at the visitors centers cafe; treating ourselves to waffles and morotskaka (carrot cake).

We will keep you updated with our next adventures,

Bye for now!

sweden 3

The five Scottish lassies


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