Introducing… Coco!


Here is our new best friend, Coco, kindly given to us by Cicci. Originally we were going to name the bike “CC” but “CC” quickly changed to “Coco Chanel” and “Coco Chanel” was swiftly shortened to “Coco”.

Amy and I were given the keys for Coco last week at university and had to cycle her (she’s a she) back home to Björnkulla. This probably would have been easy enough if we had decided that one of us should cycle it home and the other should walk… No. We were absolutely determined to get both of us on the bike and cycle back to Björnkulla together. We tried every approach you can think of. One person sitting in the basket (facing backwards) and the other on the seat cycling. One person sitting on the seat (not cycling) and the other standing cycling. One person sitting in the basket hugging the cyclist on the seat… No success! After approximately 6 falls and a dozen bruises later, we decided to admit defeat and head home with Amy running alongside me on the bike with both bags in the (now folded) basket. Two minutes into the journey and we are still laughing our heads off when we approach a downwards slope. I clench the brakes with all my strength and the bike only rolls faster down the hill. Goodbye bags and goodbye Madi, off I fall again… Lizzie later discovered that you have to pedal backwards to brake…

So after a lot of trial, error and embarrassment, here we are a week later. We have finally mastered the backie!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 15.44.29

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 15.41.06

Nae bother! Thank you Cicci for the wonderful bike! We are looking forward to going on many adventures with her.


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