Traditional Swedish Grub

Hej hej!

On Thurs 4th Sept all five Scottish Lassies were very kindly invited to our mentor Kurt’s house for a traditional Swedish dinner. The evening began with a dram and learning the traditional, famous Swedish drinking song ‘Helan Går’ (after numerous shots the singing did get considerably louder and less tuneful…).


Here’s the Swedish lyrics to ‘Helan Går’ along with a gibberish Scottish version which, surprisingly enough, sounds the same!

Of course the meal included some legendary homemade Swedish meatballs (there was even some delicious vegetarian meatballs for me!) The girls were even brave enough to try some ‘Surströmming’ (fermented Baltic Sea herring), which if you’ve not heard of it is famous for its…interesting…odour! Safe to say I don’t think anyone will be eating it again in a hurry. However, I have since been assured that the smell is much, much worse than the taste.

ade and amy

Amy and Adrienne looking a bit anxious about the herring!

This was a fantastic evening, thanks again to Kurt and Anne for welcoming all of the crazy Scott’s into their beautiful home!


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