Selling Scotland to the Swedes

Hej Hej!

All five Scottish Lassies keenly accepted the challenge of convincing Swedish education students to follow in our footsteps and take part in an Erasmus Exchange to our very own University of Strathclyde. On Wed 3rd Sept team Scotland were given the opportunity to take part in a presentation to Swedish trainee teachers along with Iain Mitchell from Strathclyde University. We took great delight in sharing all of what the University of Strathclyde and Bonnie Scotland have to offer from an exceptional School of Education to the numerous Scottish attractions to Glasgow’s renowned nightlife (not too sure if Iain wanted us to mention the last part, however, I’m sure I saw some students jot down some notes after mentioning shots as cheap as 10SEK at Todd’s Bar…) Fingers crossed our presentation was a success and we convinced some Swedes to do something ‘pure dead brilliant’ and come to the incredible city of Glasgae, as I know we would all take great delight in being their Scottish tour guides!



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