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Due to our lack of technical know-how and a temperamental host site we have decided to start a NEW blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to view our earlier attempt, but after several hours in the library and many YouTube tutorials, we are hoping that our Strathclyde Södertörn Exchange blog (mark two) will be even more of a success. We have a serious back log of posts to share with you so look out for lots of updates. Please feel free to send us comments or questions and share our page with others!

Apologies for the confusion

The Scottish Lassies


3 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Adrienne loved the photos and details of your canoe trip although the bit with the cruise liner did look rather scary.Stockholm looks lovely although I remember our week it can change quicklyI don’t know why people make such a fuss of Venice there is definitely more water insStockholm. Have you got used to the price of things yet


    • Thank Grandpa, Glad you enjoyed reading it! You are right about the weather, on Saturday we were out in shorts and tshirts and today we are wrapped up in fleeces and jackets. We are just about used to the exchange rates and are starting to keep to our weekly budget which is good. Hope you are starting to feel better, hopefully speak to you and Gill soon


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