First weekend in Stockholm; 30th – 31st August

During the summer holidays we were lucky enough to meet Kurre, our Swedish mentor, who has been a great support in helping all of settle in to Swedish life both within and out of university. On the first weekend we were given a tour from Kurre of one of the islands of Stockholm called Gamla Stan. We felt right at home from the moment we met him as he turned up to meet us in a kilt! The weather was great for touring the cobbled streets of the old town where we visited the palace, city halls, the Nobel prize museum before stopping in the Stortorget to learn a wee bit about the history of the area.





Kurre is a man of many talents and he later took us to an Irish pub in the area where he was the front man in the band. We enjoyed dinner, a few drinks and a dance with the regulars in the packed pub. I’m sure this is somewhere we will return to during our time here!


We wanted to make the most of our last weekend before uni started so on the Sunday we took the ferry to Grona Lund – the cities famous theme park! For those who could open their eyes, there was an amazing view across the city from the roller coasters. We had a great day at the park and want to take this opportunity apologise to anyone who got stuck beside us on any of the rides!




We had a great first weekend here in Stockholm and are looking forward to many more. Now to start Uni tomorrow..

Feel free to comment below – we would love to hear from you!

The Scottish Lassies


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