A Busy Month

Hej Hej!

It is hard to believe that we have less than a month left of our Swedish adventure – the time is going so quickly! We have had a busy month; travelling to Finland and Latvia, welcoming two more Strathclyde students, celebrating Halloween and All Saints Day, and starting our last course at Södertörns. So many stories to catch up on, so apologies, this post is going to be really long…


First stop – Finland! Last month we took the opportunity to travel to with twenty other international students Turku in Finland for a weekend. We travelled by boat overnight from Stockholm to Turku, and then spent a lovely Autumnal day in this historic city. We spent hours walking round and looking at the traditional architecture, and also visited one of Finland’s oldest cathedrals before boarding the boat again and going home. This was a really fun trip, not only because we had the chance to visit another city in another country, but also because we were in such good company!


The full Södertörns team in Turku


Turku Cathederal


Halloween coincided with the end of our nursery placement, so, naturally, we didn’t have much time to get our costume together.


Last day of Placement – Getting into the Halloween spirit

Luckily, we were able to draw on our teacher creativity and made costumes in just a couple of hours! Can you work out what we are supposed to be?


Sleeping Beauty and a Bat


Madi doesn’t know what she was meant to be either!

All Saints Day

All Saints Day is a beautiful Swedish tradition which marks the first day of the Swedish winter. This falls on the 1st of November each year and Swedes dedicate this day to remembering the deceased. Families all come together at this time to visit the graves of those they have lost and place lit candles, flowers and wreaths on them. On this night each year thousands of candles light up cemeteries throughout Sweden. This is a truly incredible tradition and we were lucky enough to be in Sweden at the right time to see this taking place.


Took a late night trip to a beautiful church in Huddinge



One of the beautiful lit up gravestones



More Scots!

We were really excited to welcome two more Strathclyde B.Ed students, Blair and Yazmin, to Stockholm. Blair and Yazmin are also completing their nursery placement in Sweden, so we had lots of stories and advice for them when we all sat down for their first fika! Its been really fun to spend time with more Scottish students, and introduce them to all the people we have met from all over the world.


Seven Scots in Sweden

First Snow

The beginning of November saw the first snow in Stockholm of the winter. Some of us were more excited about this than others…


Warm and cosy inside

The day of snow was also the day we had seven visitors arriving from Scotland. However, as expected, a little snow didn’t affect the Swedes efficiency and everyone arrived on time. This has been our first and last snow day so far, but we are hoping that before we go home we will see a few more.


Enjoying the snow in our pyjamas


Bjornkulla in the snow


Having had such a successful trip to Turku by boat we were keen to cross the Baltic Sea again, and visit another country. This time we travelled to Riga in Latvia. Again we were accompanied by a large group of international students. Riga is a lovely city, and because the centre is mostly pedestrianised we were able to wander around and see many sites in a short period of time.


Excited to be in Latvia


With some of the International students

So now you can understand why we have fallen behind with our posts! With just over three weeks left until we return home we are making plans to cram in as much as we can, and hope to keep you updated on all our travels.

Best wishes

The (exhausted) Scottish Lassies!